Hoppers - a thing of the past? from John Croke

Some years ago, at a meeting at the home of Joe and Sue on the Central Coast, those in attendance made up a train hauled by 5 Stainz locos, about 75 red hoppers (mainly from the Col and Daphne's collection), plus a few similar wagons. Electric power was provided by a heavy duty transformer/controller owned by Col, and constructed by former member Godfrey Gamble, an electrical engineer. The track on the day was a single line loop which circumnavigated the Briggs' backyard. After the train got going, it did about two or three circuits of the yard, to accommodate photo taking, after which the hoppers were packed away, enabling the running of other members' trains. The occasion was well organised, as plenty of prior notice to stage it had been given. I'm sure it was also well received by those present on the day. (I plead guilty to being the person who thought up the idea).

Members who own a year 2000 LGB anniversary club wagon could bring it to a running day with a view to making up a train of these wagons, it would make for an interesting photo. The wagons were constructed to order for members, by a former member on his property in the Bombala district of the Monaro in southern NSW. I don't think an idea for a second series wagon ever saw the light of day.

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LGB Collection For Sale

Jeff Thompson is selling his whole collection of LGB stuff which he collected in the late 1970s. An itemised list is available. All is pretty much in original condition because of their storage in their original packaging over the last 35-odd years of non-use. If you are interested please email Jeff or phone him on 0417 293 077.

Getting Started Building your Layout

Norm Mitchell has produced an article, Getting Started, which may be of interest to members who are about to build their layout and have no idea where to start.

What plants to put into your layout can be a bit of a conundrum. The Australian National Botanic Gardens website have an article which may be of assistance.

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