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Brandy Hill

In January 2010 the club members visited the house of Wendy and Trevor in Brandy Hill, there was also a running day at Moss Vale at Jeanette and Ces' house. It was an extremely warm day with 36°C temperatures. Some of us, travelling from the south to Brandy Hill, had to sit for an hour in the makeshift parking station on the Pacific Highway at Cowan after a car accident blocked all 3 lanes, but it was worth it once we arrived. There were members from as far as Young and Orange. Afternoon tea was most enjoyable with a beautiful chocolate cake to help celebrate Wendy's birthday on Sunday. The club wishes to thank Wendy and Trevor and Ces and Jeanette for the use of their homes for the day.

Trevor's railway, shown below, is a single meandering loop with a couple of scenic detours to give the driver a change of scenery.

A nest of 3 baby Willy Wagtails above the layout


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